Benefits for Companies

Lifesciencejobs is a streamlined, cost effective method of reaching a specific, worldwide talent pool. Job opportunities are posted with the company logo prominently displayed and linked to your homepage. Postings also provide direct access to the appropriate hiring manager via E-mail or other choice of contact person.

1. Unlimited job advertising for your vacancies

2. Free access to our CV Database with numerous interesting jobseekers

3. Access to future clients and cooperation partners on Lifesciencejobs

4. Canditates ready and motivated for a career change

5. Highly motivated Lifesciencejobs-Team to help with Individual Packages

Benefits for Jobseekers

Lifesciencejobs offers jobseekers a highly specialized source of job listings. We add new jobs every day. If you don't have time to search our database regularly, check out the My Job Agent service and get the latest job opportunities via E-mail. By filling out the online CV Form, your CV will appear in the Lifesciencejobs CV Database.

1. Latest jobs in your fields of interest listed under Lifescience sectors

2. Six month free job hunting through your E-mail account with the Job Agent

3. Your CV on the platform for six months, open to staff seeking companies

4. News & Career section with helpful information


Packages & Prices

For further information about our benefits for companies please go to the Company Centre.