Focus on our Sectors

Lifesciencejobs is an Internet-based job market covering the entire spectrum of the Life Sciences from Pharma through Biotech to Medical Devices and Academia. You will also find sections covering the associated vacancies with Agencies and Service companies.


This section covers the primary area of Pharmaceuticals, everything from Big Pharma through to Biotech. Vacancies here include world-wide positions ranging from Post doc opportunities through Lab Leader posts to Global Management positions. Many of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and some of the most innovative Biotech's regularly post their job vacancies here.


Here you find positions that include job postings for almost every Chemical manufacturing and research activity including paints, fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, water treatment materials, man-made fabrics, detergents, disinfectants, cosmetics, toiletries and many other products.


For professionals that design, manufacture and service equipment in the healthcare industry including diagnostic instruments, surgical and remedial materials and equipment, diagnostic monitoring equipment and devices, and all the other high-tech equipment that supports the Lifescience industry.

Service Companies

The sector for companies such as CRO's, Research Institutes, Contract Management and all other organisations that offer clients a wide range of pharmaceutical research services covering contract product development, clinical trial management, central laboratory services, data management and many other complementary services.


An important sector for scientists, researchers, and post docs covering Universities and Research Hospitals who undertake medical and pharmaceutical consulting and research. These institutes collaborate with the pharma industry, other universities and research institutions, teaching hospitals, biotechs, medical device companies, and other specialist agencies.


The specialist sector that offers Recruiters, Government Agencies, Venture Capital companies, Advertising and Consulting Agencies, and many other specialists a unique opportunity to reach a highly dedicated and professional market sector.